• Mr Spanner
    Our little mascot
  • Display
    Playing around with the new jewellery I have made thought make nice display
  • Steampunk Gatling Gun
    Wonderfully designed re imagination of the Gatling Gun For the true steampunk art lover Perfect for the Man Den Includes parts from vintage lawnmower , elevator parts and hand drill movable parts mimicking the action of a true Gatling gun
  • Steampunk Lamp
    Gorgeous floor lamp with Edison bulb to create a beautiful mellow light Copper chain around base Gauges & vintage elevator springs and glass light case Working vintage elevator switch
  • Steampunk Miniature Top hat
    Handcraft Steampunk top hat Using lace and netting with genuine antique clock prices and metal gogs
  • Steampunk Bowtie
    Ready for the Ball with this Satin steampunk bow tie
  • Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Necklace
    This gorgeous steampunk Alice wonderland is part of a 3 part set which includes a Hair Clip &Tea cup- earrings Perfect finish to your steampunk outfit you have been looking for
  • Steampunk Gentleman's Top Hat
    Hand Crafted Steampunk Hat
  • Flying Fantasy Set
    Handcrafted wings and key necklace and earring set - very much a favourite with it new owner
  • Steampunk Cog Necklace
    One of our handcrafted jewellery pieces by Devilish Originals
  • Steampunk And Gothic Keepsake Boxs
    Beautiful example of some handcrafted boxes by Devilish Originals

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